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Tattooed Nipples

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Rub-On Nipples are temporary areola tattoos that last one to two weeks and are easily removed with rubbing alcohol. They look amazingly similar to three-dimensional permanent areola pigmentation, commonly called nipple tattoos. Embracing Mastectomy provides self-healing topics for post-mastectomy women.

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Permanent Nipple Tattoos

Permanent Areola Pigmentation

Tattooed nipples—it is the final procedure and the “crowning glory,” so to speak, of breast reconstruction!

Of course, the accurate term is areola pigmentation, but, more commonly they are called “nipple tattoos.” There are several other industry names for nipple tattooing. They include areola repigmentation, dermapigmentation, paramedical tattooing, intradermal coloring or permanent cosmetics.

Nipple tattooing has advanced to a true art form. Finding an artist who is skilled in three-dimensional tattoos is worth the search because the results are far superior, and especially vital for those who have decided to nix the nipple nub. (See To Pucker or Not to Pucker?)

Illusion of Protrusion 3-D Areola Tattoo

The Illusion of Protrusion

The 3-D effect for areola pigmentation has been aptly coined the “illusion of protrusion” by well-known industry expert Rose Marie Beauchemin, founder of the Beau Institute for Permanent Cosmetics.

“Advanced techniques are required for optimal 3-D results,” says Rose Marie. “An artist must become skilled in the elements of shadowing, highlighting, feathering and contouring. Of course, color selection is critical to good outcomes as well, so learning about color blending and pigment hues is key.”

If you have searched online to view nipple tattoos, it can be disheartening! That is why some women are afraid to get their tattoos; they can look freakish when done by someone without advanced skills. In the wrong hands and without dimension, nipple tattoos can result in what the industry calls the “bulls-eye” effect.”  With an experienced artist skilled in 3-D effects, the results are very realistic.

Women now have a tool to make the nipple tattoo decision easier. Temporary run-on nipple tattoos are now available. Women can try on the tattoos in preparation for a permanent procedure. See Rub-On Nipples™ for more information.

(See Types of Artists for information about tattoo training and expertise.)