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Tattooed Nipples

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Rub-On Nipples are temporary areola tattoos that last one to two weeks and are easily removed with rubbing alcohol. They look amazingly similar to three-dimensional permanent areola pigmentation, commonly called nipple tattoos. Embracing Mastectomy provides self-healing topics for post-mastectomy women.

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Nipple Tattoo Procedure Photos

Before Areola Pigmentation

Kristi Determining Tattoo Placement

Valeri says: The day I got my tattooed nipples marked a tremendous passage in my breast cancer journey and inner healing.

And, it surely was a surprise for me that I had such an emotional reaction and visceral release.

It is somewhat uncomfortable sharing these private moments and raw emotions, but I know it will help others who are uncertain about getting their tattoos.  I want women to know what a powerful final step this is in the reconstruction process.

I did not realize that I would feel so complete and whole again as when I first saw my new image in the mirror—the image of completely reconstructed breasts!

(Read Valeri’s diary entry here.)

Measuring Areola Diameter

Kristi Drawing Diameter Guideline

Tattoo in Progress

Areola Tattoo Half Done

Areola Tattoo Half Done

After Areola Pigmentation

"It's hard to believe it...but I can finally say, "I'm DONE!"

Kristi says: I think its a great completion to the end of a long journey for Valeri. It will give her a sense of “wholeness.” I have been doing areola pigmentation for awhile, and I see the same reaction in all my clients. So many women put it off, but when they decide to do it, what a difference it makes!!!

Elizabeth says: Once again, Valeri’s generosity of spirit is evident as she shares her photos. Reward her with your comments on how her brave disclosure has helped you.

What do you say? Has this visual been helpful to you? Were you uncertain of your choices and has this swayed you in any way in your decision process? Share with us…


Comment from Molly
Time November 1, 2010 at 8:43 pm

It’s been 4 years since my mastectomy. I have had every reconstruction step done BUT tattoos. My husband and I just looked at these pictures and I think we will do it. Thank you for sharing.

Comment from Mary Ellen Geeting
Time November 8, 2010 at 10:48 pm

I had bilateral mastectomies in February of 2010 and I’m now ready to have the nipple areola complex dealt with. I was at the plastic surgeon’s office today to discuss nipple reconstruction, and then having the areola tattoo 2 months later. I weighed the pros and cons and while driving home decided I’d rather not have nipples – my reconstructed breasts are just about perfect otherwise. After my husband and I looked at these pictures, this is the direction I plan to take! Thanks so much!

Comment from Sara
Time June 19, 2011 at 10:40 pm

I had bilateral mastectomies in May 2010. I just had my nipple and areola tatoo done a few days ago. They are bleeding and I am not sure my surgon did them right. After looking at these pictures I am so scared that I have to have more tatooing done to fix mine. Where my doctor covered me with gauze afterwards the gauze stuck to my tat and when the doc pulled on it, it pulled all the color off in several spots and they are still bleeding after 6 days. I am worried and don’t go to see my doc again for several more days to have my stitches out. I could use some advise. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!!!

Comment from Elizabeth
Time June 20, 2011 at 10:12 pm

Sorry, Sara, that you are having such a difficult time with your tattoo procedure. We are not medical professionals so cannot give medical advice. But, others have told my that they used Aquaphor ointment to help with the healing process. Hope you begin feeling better soon!